Daniel Atkinson Limited Adjudication
Email:daniel@atkinson-law.com 7 Oakland Drive, Robertsbridge, East Sussex TN32 5EX England
Mobile: 07778 347 777 Tel: +44 (0) 1580 880 532

If you require our services to represent you in Adjudication please make contact to obtain our standard terms.

The hourly rate for Daniel Atkinson is 350.00 per hour plus any VAT applicable.

Payment of the agreed estimated fees is required in advance .


We have 20 years experience of adjudication.

Daniel Atkinson has acted as adjudicator in numerous adjudication and lectured and acted as facilitator in workshops for the Institution of Civil Engineers.

When representing one of the Parties we provide the following services all in very tight timescales with the knowledge gained in acting as adjudicator.

  1. Analysis of the substantive issues.
  2. Application of Adjudication Law to the situation including determining any jurisdictional challenges.
  3. Analysis of data including quantum and delay analysis, obtaining and presentation of evidence and taking witness statements.
  4. Drafting Referral or Response and further submissions.
  5. Communications with Adjudicators on procedural issues.
  6. Representation at hearings and meetings.
  7. Advising on enforcement.